Saturday, March 17, 2012

Commercials with Rhetorical Fallacies

This commercial, fight for kisses is an example of Emotional Fallacy, Sentimental Appeals. It is really funny that the commercial designer uses baby and the father's feeling of yearning the mother's kisses. It is very mature for a mother who takes good care of her child, but that makes the father so jealous of his son. The funnies point is here, baby owns the softest skin in the world, everyone likes it, include his mother. Therefore, the mother kisses the baby every moments of every single day, and ignores her real partner. On the other point, this father has roughly beard on his face, but the baby doesn't. Father sees a type of razor that would makes the user's face as smooth as baby's skin. Therefore, he uses the razor, and he does win his wife back.

This is a Honda car's commercial. I think this commercial uses Logical Fallacy, Equivocationto connect the idea of a great car should like. In this commercial, the car seller advocate a good car is formed by many tiny little devices, those small components are very delicate, but the most amazing part of this commercial is that the video maker creates a complicate, funny device by adding all components that a car needs, and to broadcast like dominoes. At the end, the narrator asks audiences a rhetoric question, but answers it himself. That question gives us a remarkable hint; let us understand what this commercial is doing with that creative device.

Every human will goes through this life cycle (focus on a female): young girl (single) --> meet a boy (dating) --> marry --> marriage after wedding --> have two kids (mother) --> middle age woman (kids are high school students) --> elderly (living with children and grandchildren). What is the most important place for us? House. What are things inside our house called? Furniture. What makes furniture look better in the house? Interior design.
This is a Lowe's furniture and interior design commercial. Ethical Fallacy, Moral Equivalenceis being used in this commercial. The lift cycle in this commercial is very logically because that is a fact.
From the beginning of the video to the end, it goes through the life cycle I mentioned above. The background of the house and the furniture are different while actors are changing from young to old; from a person lives in a simple decorate room, meets her man, marry and live in a complete house, and they have two sons. The most interesting is that, when they have eight people (at the very end) live in the house, the house looks even more comfort. This means, if you buy Lowe’s products, you are not only got a comfortable house, also you will have a perfect big family.

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